Each purchase from Green Grow Scientific contributes to reducing the cost of future orders. The total cost of each order is added to the total associated with your account. For each 500 € of services purchased, your discount increases by 2 percentage points.


Selling our services in the form of vouchers bought in advance helps us to manage our funds more efficiently and reduces the number of transactions we have to handle. We therefore offer substantial discounts to encourage our clients to order services in this way: a 5% discount for each 1000 € voucher bought (max. 40%). The vouchers are credited to your Green Grow Scientific account, from which payments for your orders are then deducted.


Buying a 5000 € voucher is the most cost-efficient way to order services from us. You indeed benefit immediately from a 30% discount on all your orders. That's 20 percentage points more than you would have accumulated from the same amount purchased in separate orders, and a 5 pp greater discount than five 1000 € vouchers afford.

These discounts all accumulate (up to a maximum of 40%) and never expire.

Don't forget the 25% discount on your first order!